A Mile A Day


This too shall pass.... (Read 136 times)


    Ugh, my run felt horrible last night.  I was reminded of a scene from "Tin Cup" where Roy MacEvoy is describing his swing (which at the time was all screwed up) as having felt like an UNMADE BED.  That is what my run felt like last night. 


    My normal easy pace is probably 8:30-9:00, with the 9s being just recently as I was ramping up to 70 mpw and taking it much slower, but typically in the 8:30 range.  Last night I was struggling (and I mean really struggling) to hold a 9:30 pace.  My feet hurt, my ankles hurt, my calves and quads felt like cramped up lead and my knee felt tweaky (only word I can think of to describe it).  I got myself through about 5 miles of that agony and opted to take my shoes off and run barefoot for the last mile home.  That at least felt better - though got a few weird looks from people that noticed I was running and CARRYING my sneakers in my hands.


    I ended up having to ice my ankles last night and pop some advil.  They felt a little better this morning, but not great.  I got my mile in but planning to take the rest of the day off and skipping my lunch-time run in hopes that my run will be better tomorrow.


    Sorry, just griping, but I find that when my running is "OFF" that the rest of my life feels that way as well.


      Sorry Jeff!  You are right . . . this too shall pass but at that moment it sucks.  I hope your legs are feeling better and that your runs get back to normal.


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