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    I've just updated a GSP thread on my toe issue. I've had to visit the Dr again today as my big toe is still looking terrible. I've been running on it the whole time, but when it was really painful I cut 2 days of my runs very short. Now my Doctor has again suggested I give my toe 3-4 days off and not run at all. But I'm at day 233 of my streak! You will understand my dilemma! It no longer really hurts when I run (although it has now been sliced open, so that may have changed I suppose), so I would prefer to just keep going. Any thoughts?

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      Tough call but since we don't know what it looks like I would say listen to the doctor. 


      But then again I am stupid and probably would keep running just a mile.  Big grin  Feel better!


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        It is a tough call.  Before taking time off completely I would probably do a full week of just a mile each day to see if that helps.  And when not running do whatever the doctor told you to do to heal it up.

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          I couldn't stop, but I did run less. My toe actually looks heaps better today so I believe I'm on the mend!

          One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.