A Mile A Day


Tomorrow is day 888 for me!!! (Read 176 times)

    I kind of like these ### days even more than the 100s (though I am looking forward to the 1000 mark too).


    I am posting this today because my computer at home is down so I may not be on again till Monday.  But 888 days for me.  I might just have to do an 8 miler to celebrate

      Congratulations Jeff, that's a nice number.

      Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

      Message me!





        Oooohhhh!  I like that number!  Keep up the good running! 


        MM #2929


          congrats man!!!!!
            Thats a hecka of a streak you have going keep it up, 1000 days just around the corner

            Turning back the clock one mile at a time

            In it for the long run..

              Good work, Jeff! 

              "It's not who wins the workout..."

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