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Big "Streaking" Discussion over the main boards (Read 122 times)


    Here is the link http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/6c8ed5827be64407a488a49703c2c365 Apparently there is some disparity over what people think you should have to run every day to constitute a streak. Personally, I think it is pretty cut and dry - the national governing body defines it as running at least one mile a day, so therefore it is one mile a day. Some of the people out there feel you should run at least 4 miles a day - though this came from some guy who had already logged 2,000 miles this year.
      Interesting conversation, and I understand where some of them are coming from...but I respectfully disagree and don't care how long winded they get. I would venture to say very few streakers run one mile a day, but instead use the one milers as an off day or on a day where they don't have a lot of time to get a run in. Secondly...the mile a day is excellent for people just starting and the streak is a great motivational tool to keep them going. Before they know it the one mile run is an off day for them and their long runs are farther than anything they could have imagined.

      Oh Mighty Wing

        I agree. I think the 1 mile is more of a recovery for some and eventually they extend longer, but with a small base you cannot reasonable take a plan and make it 7 days a week by adding 3 milers on those rest/x-training days... that would add 6-9 miles to your week and that is just not smart if your current base is 20-30 mpw.

          Yeah, sorry I got involved in the discussion in the first place as it seems to have taken a nasty turn. So I have stopped reading it. but I do agree - and that is what I had said, to stay on my streak I just run the short 1-2 mile run on what would have been my off day. And mine has extended over the streak. It started out as 1 milers, then went to 1.33 (an easy loop near my house) and now is closer to 2 for most of those days. I just found it a bit inane for someone to say that it is not considered a run unless you do 3 miles.

          Oh Mighty Wing

            yeah... but it's the voice of those who don't do it. Or they are just a bunch of elitist pricks and shouldn't be posting around a bunch of newbie runners anyway.

            Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

              yeah... but it's the voice of those who don't do it. Or they are just a bunch of elitist pricks and shouldn't be posting around a bunch of newbie runners anyway.
              Ditto. Do ignoring. Smile Jilly
              "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
                That one dude on there runs almost ten miles a day. If I was physically able to do that...no way would I have the time.

                  I saw that thread just now before coming here. At first i was going to post something but after reading the whole lot decided to stay quite and not rise to their bait Personally i agree the average streaker would average more than 1 mile a day and would only do the mile if time was short or for recovery

                  q day

                    I just hate reading some of those postings. To say there is no benefit to running only a mile a day isn't true, and they obviously don't get it. Of course they'll never know, because they have talked themselves out of trying it, or even considering it, because of closed minds. I did have to try and explain the philosophy to the ones who were honestly trying to figure out if "streaking" has merit. We all know the answer to that one! I think you did a great job defending it Jeff, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see some new recruits from that group of runners.

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