A Mile A Day


That's two! (Read 125 times)

    Years, that is.


    Today I have officially run for two straight years.  Now my legs are feeling a bit better after the past two weeks of only doing a mile a day.  Tomorrow I take them out for a test drive to see how they handle a 3 miler.  Decision as to whether the streak stays intact will be made over the next week of running.


    Happy New Year to all!!!



    In it for the long run..

      Congrats, Jeff.  That is amazing.  I hope your legs don't let you down, but take care of yourself!

      "It's not who wins the workout..."



        Congrats Jeff!  That is amazing!  Hope your legs continue to improve.


        Happy New Year to you too!


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        I'm on the right

          All I can say is wow .  Congrats on 2 years and best of luck with your legs!

          I'm Eric, the guy who runs to keep his sanity.

            Congratulations!  That is awesome.  I can't even imagine.