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    So I am new to this streaking (I've got 12 days!) and want to make sure that I don't inadvertently do something that would prematurely end a streak or cause me to say I'm in a streak when I'm technically not. Being the details lady I am, I ponder this stuff. Sorry if this has been asked somewhere already.

    I've been running a mile solid each day.

    However, what if I run intervals of say 4x400 (with short walk breaks in between) to get a mile? Of course, would not count walks towards distance. Does that still count?

    Again, sorry if this is a stupid question.

    I can't see doing intervals any time soon - I've been struggling to return from injury and am beginning work in minimalist shoes - but would be good to know now.

    Thanks again for helping a newbie!






      Hi Kerry,

      I actually asked a similar question to the people at the USRSA last year - though my question was more about people that were doing the Gallo-walking (so it would be a few minutes of running with walk breaks).

      Their answer was that you need to run a mile continuously (no walk breaks).

      But, that is just them, and as far as I (and this group) am concerned a streak is whatever you want it to be.  This is all personal and everything, even on their site, is on the honor system.

      As far as your particular question goes (because I do run intervals), I would honestly not recommend running intervals until your mileage is up to the point where you would be running at least a continuous mile warmup before doing the intervals anyway.

      I hope this helps.



        Jeff, this is just the answer I needed. I won't be ready to run intervals anytime soon - it was just the best example I could come up with to answer my question.

        You and everyone on here are such inspirations. Incredible commitments!






          Glad to help.

          You're off to a great start - keep it up.