A Mile A Day


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    Today marks my 730th day of running!  It has been another good year, which included 3 marathons.  And my total mileage for the 2 years is 4747.8!  Big grin


    PS  Funny that I had a weird knee pain on today's run -- hopefully not the beginning of then end.


    MM #2929

      Congratulations! Huge deal!







        That is awesome, congratulations!!!!

          Congrats. on 730 days thats a long time, I hit 317 today and also have been fighting a sore knee, 2 years WOW!Big grin

          Turning back the clock one mile at a time

          In it for the long run..

            YAY!!  Congratulations!

            "It's not who wins the workout..."

            BANNED from the LLR (Ladies' Locker Room) forum at age 64.  Remember, folks, it's just running.

              Amazing, you are an inspiration to a guy who is trying to string together a month!

              Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

              Message me!




                Congrats Sara, not only is 2 years amazing; over 4,700 miles as well. A GREAT achievement!

                  Go Ojo!