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3 Year Anniversary! (Read 18 times)


    Hard to believe that I have made it 3 years!  I have been battling an injury for several months and seriously pondered giving it up.  I am slowly getting stronger again and the pain is easing up.  I am still not sure what the cause of it all is (just had MRI yesterday), but I do feel like I am on the mend.  Here are my stats for the past 3 years:


    7,009 miles


    2 - 100 mile
    1 - 50 mile
    6 - 50k
    7 - marathons
    2 - half marathons
    and a few 5 mile and 5k races.


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      Congratulations!!!  nice stats too.


      As a side note how long was your first streak that ended before your surgery?


        966 days and then I took almost 1 month off.  Seems so long ago. 


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          Congratulations Sara,  those are very impressive stats!  I may not streak anymore, but I still like to check in here to see how everyone else is doing.

            Congratulations, those are really impressive numbers!

            Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

            Message me!




              Hearty Congrats! Just the motivation I need to push farther.

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