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My knee hurts (Read 59 times)

Oh Mighty Wing

    So my knee hurts... A little back story: In February my knee started to hurt and it kept hurting. And the sports med doc deemed it instability and sent me to PT. After a couple weeks of no running the PT gave me stretches and let me run again - 3x a week. So I missed my scheduled half and struggled to get back on my mileage up for the next couple of months. I have had no pain since march. Then I start marathon training and it goes really well. Then I go away for a weekend... We leave Thursday afternoon and drive 7 hours, then get up friday and drive 6 hours. Then Saturday I run 11 miles in a SUPER hilly park. Then Monday we drive 13.5 hours home. My legs were sore Sunday and when I got home Monday they were so sore almost pained. My runs have suffered all week with very sore calves. Well today as I head out the door I feel that awful familiar pain. My 3 miles run digressed quickly into a 1.06 mile run. My calves hurt on both legs and my IT on my right is very tight. My thought is that I should start doing the stretches my PT gave me again, as well as some others i've found along the way. And take all my runs very very easy. How does that sound? Is it possible I'm freaking out for nothing and that I've probably just pushed a little too much with all the driving and crazy hilly course?? I don't want to take time off. Oh also I don't really notice my legs at all other than when I think about them or when running (if that makes sense).

      My guess is it would be the sitting in the car for 26 hours over 3 days. My knees can hurt just from sitting at my desk for a few hours. I would make sure you do a good stretching session the next couple nights - especially your calves, upper and lower.
        I would have to agree with Jeff. I have a job that requires me to be at my desk a lot. However, I try to get up at least once an hour and walk a lap around our floor just to keep my legs moving and the blood flowing. If I don't my legs really stiffin up. Sometimes when I am sore throughout the day my legs actually feel better once I get into my daily run. I find the same thing to be true if I am fighting a cold or something like that...I actually feel worse before the run, but once I get going and for a few hours after I feel much better.

        Oh Mighty Wing

          Thanks guys! This is what I needed to hear. It helps bring calm back into my brain...