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Day 800 (Read 119 times)


    I am happy to report that I have made it to day 800!  I have been worried about the streak for the past week -- lots of new aches and pains probably due to the weather conditions and the increased miles.  Training for my first ultra this winter was not the smartest idea but who knows what the weather will be like when we sign up for these things.  I asked my boys if they thought I should give it a rest and they have decided I need to make it to 1000.  Hopefully my body will agree! 


    How's everyone else doing?  Anyone else sick of winter yet?  Big grin


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      How's everyone else doing?  Anyone else sick of winter yet?  Big grin


      Hell yeah I'm sick of winter now!!!!   22 inches of snow last week.  6 more yesterday.  And now they are talking about another foot of snow the middle of next week.


      Though I must admit I had a great run this morning - 14 miles outside.  I have been on the treadmill so much lately that I think I just enjoyed it because it was outside.  I had originally planned on just doing 8, but it was a really nice temperature (or at least I was dressed right for the temperature that it was) so I just kept going until I finished the long run I was supposed to do tomorrow.   there were slushy and slippery parts but for the most part it was just a nice, slow easy run.


      BTW - Congratulations on day 800 - that's awesome!!!!  It's nice that your family is behind you on this too.  I dont think my kids share the same excitement about me having run every day as yours do, but my wife does check in to make sure I have run every day if she doesnt remember me doing it.

        Congrats. on 800 days, 1000 days nice goal but bet will be hard to quit streak, yea I am tired of winter not as much snow as Jeff gets but seems like it snows couple times a week, rds. just start looking good then bam they are snow packed again. When I hit my year everybody was congrat. me but now just take it for granted, it gets logged on facebook automaticaly so the other day an aunt asked me if I do this everyday. One of the kids is hitting the treadmill now walking and said I was her insperation so who knows maybe she will take it up down the road well enough rambling I am starting to hit all kinds of keys not much of a typerBig grin

        Turning back the clock one mile at a time

          I overdid it at the end of December and now my knees are in revolt.  I am trying to focus the extra time on strength training.  But I am still dutifully putting in my daily mile, at the very least.