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Weekly Check-In 05/26/09 (Read 361 times)

    Okay, technically a day late, but yesterday was a holiday so cut me some slack.


    Last week wasnt too bad.  I got some good mileage in (Ennay's was better and she gained about 12 miles on me last week, but I have high hopes for this week ).  This is my last week of easy mileage and then I start a 6 week buildup to a 5K on July 12th with 2 hard workouts a week.      Still hoping to keep my mileage up as well, but at least I have some focus.


    yesterday I had a good 12 miler on a route I havent run in a while (probably cause I dont do many 12 milers any more).  I have been finding that when I run right after gettign up that it takes my legs a good 2 miles to really get warmed up and get into a rhythm lately.  It used to be just a half mile or so and then I would be fine, but it worries me that it takes longer now. 


    But I trudge on.  Otherwise running is still good-  and hey, short work week this week so,Yay us!!!!


    Keep on trucking everyone - find time for that single mile a day, and try not to let life get in the way.




    OOPS - almost forgot the milestones for this week:


    runinblack - 175 days

    lorrieg - 150 days

    vintagerunner - 150 days

    favre3xmvp - 150 days

    wingz - 100 days

    oldman - 100 days

    albertoknox - 100 days

    jsobo119- 2 months

    captain atom - 2 months

    string n 88keys - 2 months

    smalcom - 50 days

    Pammie - 1 month


    Wow, that is a lot of milestones this week - nice job everyone.





      Last week was good. I spent the long weekend in Philadelphia and was not ready for the heat/humidity. Seattle has spoiled me. Anyways, even though I was on vacation, I managed to get in a run every day I was there (even after my red-eye flight). I even ran up the Art Museum steps and pretended I was Rocky. I'm totally serious. Smile It was a nice way to see the city and I am really glad I didn't slack off.


      This week is shaping up to be my highest mileage yet. I have 10M trail race this weekend that should be fun.

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        Just as well to check-in right after joining than to wait one week.


        Overall last week was good.  It was the third consecutive week in which I neither completed a long run nor broke 25 miles.  This has been intentional as I started to feel the legs were wearing down after going four months without a full day off from running.  I did see my times decline so this is encouraging since I am not doing any hard speed workouts at the moment.  The legs are virtually pain free which seems to indicate to me that they are ready for mileage increase again so I will target 30 miles for this week and see how they respond.


        The highlight of the week related to running was seeing my high school track coach.  It had been a couple years since I last saw him so it was good to catch up, introduce him to our kids and learn that he is a grandpa 17 times over and awaiting number 18 later this year around the same time my wife is due with our third child.  It just happens his 18th grandchild is the fourth for his daughter with whom I ran track for seven years through high school.  I guess she is winning that competition

        Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

          I'll check in, but don't have much to report.  We just got back from an 11 day trip to Europe and once I broke my streak - I didn't try too hard to get it going again while we were gone.  DH was sick the first part of the trip and I knew if I went out to run he would join me even though he was hacking all the time, so I decided to wait til I got home.  So, hopefully tomorrow morning I will be out there again. 

            Still feeling like the legs are coming back and feeling stronger again.  I have had some back issues but nothing that has stopped me.  For some reason my back feels better when I run than just standing around.  I am going to start heading back up to 50 miles a week by adding a long mid week run.  We'll see how that goes because I will have to wake up even earlier to get it in.


            Congrats to all with milestones -- there are a lot this week! 


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              Last week wasnt too bad.  I got some good mileage in (Ennay's was better and she gained about 12 miles on me last week, but I have high hopes for this week ). 


               Did I mention I am doing a double today?

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              One day at a time

                Going great - 16 days in a row.  I feel like I have more energy than before I started the streak.  I ordered another pair of shoes today to keep up with the mileage. 


                   Did I mention I am doing a double today?

                   Damn you and your pink boxing gloves of doom right to hell!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I'm going to have to go out and do a double too.  And here I was hoping for a nice night of laying on the couch. 


                     Did I mention I am doing a double today?

                     Though I had kind of figured that since you only did just under 4 miles this morning and you hardly ever run that little. 


                    <Down the tubes>  My hopes </Down the tubes>

                      I think I will end my streak, not running just the streak, I do'nt really want to, been thinking about it for a couple
                      weeks, I will be 59 in about 30 days and I find my legs do not recover from running very fast, I did 4 Sunday and
                      could only do 3 one mile runs the next few days real easy runs. I think maybe I can have better runs if I go to a 4 or 5 day running week. Legs have been real tired at work and at home. I started this streak with a poor running base so will
                      build a better base up for about 6 months and try and streak again, my hat is off to guys that keep it up, you have been my motvation to keep going, resting my legs tonight want to do 4plus with some hills tomorrow, that a lot for me, well take care hope you keep on streaking

                      Hi Jeff I posted this message 5-8-09, I hope I did not mess you up any I thot you knew I ended my streak,

                      after I build a better base up I hope to start a new streak but will be a few months when work slows down

                      the streak did help me get back to steady running witch is what I was hopeing for, I still lurk around this site and see how everybody is doing and hope to be back again. I did hit 127 days , witch was great for me

                      Turning back the clock one mile at a time

                        Sorry to hear that Vintage, either I missed the message or forgot about it.  I have removed you from the chart, but just moved your line to the bottom with Darrin in case you come back so you can know how long your longest streak was.


                        Best of luck



                          It's been a really good week:  I FOUND A RUNNING PARTNER!!!!!!!


                          I've had such a time finding someone who was willing to run my pace.  The gal I've run with twice now actually CAN run much faster, but is willing to run at my 13-14 min mile easy pace.  (When she's in faster company, she runs 8-9 min miles and loves it!)  She's super competitive, so I think having someone so much slower gives her a chance to relax and let down her competitive guard somewhat.  Big grin  And she's a nice person to boot!


                          We're running together again on Thursday.  I find that I do run faster when I'm with her than when I'm with myself, but that's because I tend to run well below my easy pace when someone's not pushing me.  Wink 


                          And... tonight when I do my run it'll be number 100... which means I can go SHOE SHOPPING in the morning!!!  Big grin Big grin Big grin  Time to see if I can find those Vibrams everyone keeps talking about.  Wink  If they're not here in my town, I'll order them online.  I'd just rather try them on in the store first...


                          I'm also doing a bit of jump in miles this week.  My plan is to increase up to 12-15 to help support my first attempts at track work.  I've not done any track work at all in the ??? 3 1/2 years I've been running.  This is my first time.  I've got a running friend/"coach" (different person) and a plan, so we'll see how this goes... 


                          Roads were made for journeys...


                            Day 100 Done!!!!


                            Roads were made for journeys...

                            Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

                              Great job, Wingz!


                                Day 100 Done!!!!




                                Nice job Wingz - keep it up!!! 


                                On a side note, I havent been able to find vibrams at any running stores near me, but I am wary about ordering something online that I havent tried on in a store first.