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Wingz, can you or someone else help me (Read 108 times)



    I am getting a bit annoyed at the graph on the main page.  For some reason the names are all HUGE and run into each other.  Do you know how to make the font on them smaller so they are readable?





      Jeff - I was trying to tweak the size of the graphs on the spreadsheet, but it's not carrying over as I expected.  Can you make me an admin on this group so I can play with the home page?


      Roads were made for journeys...

          It looks to me like RA is not re-loading the graph.  I set my "longest streak" to 600 days and I'm thinking that should show up by now.  I'm going to give the server some time to re-load and see if I show up as having a 600 day streak.  When I try to hit "publish" on the Google page, I get a server error.  I want to re-publish the charts and re-copy the image address as well to see if that fixes it.  First stop - give it a little time to see if I suddenly have a 600 day streak.  Second stop, see if you can re-publish on Google because it's not letting me.  Third stop, ask Eric for help.  I adjusted the length and width of the graphs, so what SHOULD be showing on the home page is two long, narrow graphs.  They should be narrow enough to show up side-by-side.  The home page hasn't changed - leading me to think that we are not getting a re-published image.  Whether the problem is with Google or RA is yet to be determined...


          Let's give it a little time.  I'll check back on it tonight.

          Roads were made for journeys...

            It seems to have something to do with the width of the chart.  I also found that if I change teh chart itself I need then if I hit republish in Google Docs then I can refresh the RA page and changes come up right away.


            But with teh thin chart that I have there now (I also took out the longest streak stat for now) the names seem okay, but if I make the chart wider then it increases the size of the text depending on how big I make the chart.


            For now I will leave it as is - smaller and without the extra stat till I have time to play around with it some more.