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    So tomorrow is day 100 for me and I was thinking about buying myself a little gift to commemorate the occasion, but I am not sure what I should get. Any ideas? Something running related would probably be most appropriate but I am open to any ideas.
      Jeff, Your shoes are getting up there w/ 392 miles Shy Other than that.. Summer is right around the corner, so maybe some running glasses? Cool
        I was thinking the same thing. I figure I am averaging about 5 miles per day lately, so every 100 days (and since I am running every day) that is 500 miles so I am going to need new shoes. But at least for my first 100 (and probably when I hit the year mark) I want to get something other than the shoes.

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          I love getting new shoes and that is my suggestion, unless you don't have a Garmin. I've been running a long time and the one piece of equipment that has transformed my running is my Garmin. I try new routes, check my calories burned, course elevation change, pace per mile, average heart rate.... the list goes on! One feature that is invaluable in races is the lap pace feature. I can look at my Garmin at any time and know the pace I'm running for that mile (or can be set for pace at that time). I used it in a 1/2 marathon a few weeks back and will absolutely use it at Boston (2 weeks from today). On the 1/2 marathon, I wanted to run my marathon race pace, and see how I felt at 13.1, so I kept checking my pace to ensure I was not going to fast down the hills (or first mile), not too slow on the uphills, or into the wind, etc., It worked perfectly. When I get done with my runs, I simply put it on the charging station and the data is transfered to my computer. That's when I check out all the things I listed above. Congratulations on 100 days! Triple digits Baby! And, it looks like Second Nature is one day behind you! Congratulations to you too!

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