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Day 77 Rocked!!!! (Read 90 times)


    So Young1 was right - running a great half marathon really got me back on track. I ran a 1:39:24 yesterday at my half marathon which gave me a PR by about 21 minutes (granted the last HM I had run was about 5 years ago). The hills were not too bad but the headwinds were brutal from mile 9-12. Other than that the weather was perfect - cool, cloudy and no snow.
      Congrats on your PR. 21 minutes of improvement is amazing. Do you attribute any of the improvement to your streaking?

        Mainly I attribute it to the fact that I have 5 more years of running in overall. What I do contribute a bit to streaking is that I felt a lot more comfortable running the race than I usually do at longer distances. With streaking comes more miles, with more miles comes more comfort at distances I think.

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          Great job! New PR by 21 minutes! Keep up the good work and I'm expecting new PRs at every distance this year! Stay healthy! Streak on! D

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