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Beware, batbear...

    So I'm starting to play soccer on Mondays for the next couple of months with my school.  It will be coed, indoor.  I will definitely get  a workout, but I don't know what to log insofar as running is concerned?  Should I just show up early, jog a warm up mile and log that, or is there some sort of worksheet for how much running a person does when playing soccer.  I bet that somebody has studied that sort of thing.


    I guess I could take my watch and stop/start it every time I sub in/out and then use and estimate for mileage...or wear a pedometer, but most of those things are pretty inaccurate.

    2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.


      I think you need to do a continuous mile so a warm up or cool down mile would be what I would suggest.  I think it would be impossible to judge it otherwise. 


      Just as a note, indoor soccer is very hard on your body so make sure you are warmed up.  My husband always comes home beaten up and sore.  He does try to run on other days as he thinks the running helps with his speed.


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        I agree with Ojo, I believe the streak is technically suppose to be "continuous" so I would go with the mile warm up jog.  For logging soccer, I have usually only recorded time.  It might be fairly difficult to get an accurate mileage count during a game given the number of factors:  position, intensity, field size, etc.  I assume this is inside so a Garmin is out of the question?  I usually get really nerdy and take my Garmin along when playing soccer outside.  I was surprised to find that the actual distance was less than I expected.  But I like soccer for the other strengthing and general condition aspects which are sometimes neglected when only running. 


        I found this article which indicates 6 miles for a 90 minute game at the professional level.  This is talking about a full size field.  You will most likely run more in an indoor game due to the smaller field size and more action around the ball.




        Beware, batbear...

          Had my first game today.  Found fifteen minutes to go out and run the block before leaving for the game.  I don't think that I ran a full mile through the entire game (2, 20 minute halves and probably 8 players subbing in and out) but DANG!  


          I am not in shape for indoor soccer.  4 minutes out there and I was wheezing like the geeky kid from the Goonies.


          Still, it was definitely a good change of pace workout.  No broken bones or twisted joints to speak of and my calf, which I had been nursing, actually feels better after playing.  Maybe the short sprints recruited some new blood to the muscle.  


          And, on day 26 of the streak.  Every day past 23 is my longest ever!   

          2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

            Bringing this back up for debate because my brother and I were discussing this after my game this Sunday.  Been playing soccer in an over 40 league, but we play outside on a large field with typically one sub if we are lucky.  I typically play the whole game without subbing.  We play two 45 minute halves so I was going straight out for 35-40 minutes in each half.  I dont remember standing still for any of the game, but am sure when a goal was scored I was jogging back to starting position and may have stood still for a few seconds, but other than that it was a continuous slow jog, side shuffle, back peddle or sprints.


            Going with 6 miles at the professional level, I'd say i am way les efficient than they are in my mode of play and would think I covered at least that (hell, walking for 45 minutes you wuold cover 3 miles per half).  My brother asked me whether I counted that as my run and I went with that I probably would.  He asked about the "continuous" part of the run streak, but I figured in any given run from my house I probably stop once every mile at a light or corner to let a car pass (unless it's the early and there is no traffic) so that part I would let slide.  I think the subbing part would take away from it, unless you thought you played long enough to cover the full mile in one session on the field.


            I usually get a run in after the game anyway, but would think that I would count the game if I couldnt get another run in later.


            What do you think about this one?