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Happy belated 4th everyone! (Read 72 times)

    Its been kinda of quiet out there...hope everyone is doing well in life and running. I am really liking the new server upgrade they did here at runningahead. This page loads A LOT faster here at work now. I signed up for the Houston Marathon last week (the run is next Jan.), which will be my first full if I make it all the way through it. Now I have something to train for on my daily runs. Later! Mike
      Congratulations on signing up for the marathon! I remember my first with fond memories - but probably because it was also my fastest Smile My running has been going relatively well. I put in a 16 miler yesterday in preparation for my Fall marathon. It started off really slow - though I always have trouble when I try to run right after I get up out of bed. It takes a bit for my legs to actually wake up. But I finished it strong so at least I can say that. I have actually been getting side stitches lately - which I havent had in YEARS!!! I cant figure out why and they are driving me nuts. Happy 4th (belated) to all!

      Oh Mighty Wing

        I'm aiming for a late fall full (November). It will be my first also!!! I haven't signed up yet for a couple reasons 1) it hasn't opened yet 2) it's a really hilly course in Nashville. I'm going to be down there in August (I'm in PA) and so I'm going to run the a part of the course that includes it's biggest hill (I think) and then decide 3) we're trying to get preg. And that could through a wrench in the WHOLE plan Regardless I start my Training plan on the 21st!! I'm soo excited and nervous because i'm having trouble getting my mileage into the 20's. The fall down is the long run. Last week I had a 10 miler planned. But I ended up going 3. I ran 18 miles total for the week so my mid-week runs are going really well, but I fall down on the long run. If I can get that happening then I should be set! Jeff - has your diet changed?
          Well, my diet has changed in that I now am always starving. Though I am starting to look closer at it right now because I have been gettign stomach cramps during my slow easy runs lately and they are driving me batty. Though after doing some research online, a bunch of sites recommend strengthening your ab muscles and it dawned on me that I havent done ab work in about a month - back to that starting tonight to see if it helps fix the problem. Smile Do you mind me asking exactly what happens on the long runs that cuts them short? Are you literally falling down? I am assuming not. Remember to take them slow - slower than your normal easy run rate. They are all about spending time on your feet for the most part (well, until you start getting to the point where you want to run a Marathon faster).

          Oh Mighty Wing

            I hope the ab work works for you! I don't know what happens, honestly. I think it's all mental. I think some of it is not having a nice big loop that has shade. Most of the loops I have are 5 miles. And the big out and back I have has no shade and no water/bathroom stops once you leave the park. I thought once i ran the half I would be able to do long runs because heck I know i can go the distance, but mentally I stop myself. I'm supposed to go long this Thursday (away camping this weekend and won't be able to go that long) so I'm gonna go out and try the 10. My plan is to run the first 5 mile loop, fuel up, and then if the loop was too much (it's hilly) then run to the out and back (connected to the park). Hopefully it will do a couple things - help me not over-do the hills and allow for a change of scenery so I don't feel like the run will never end.
              I definitely can relate to the mental aspect of the long runs. I used to do all of them as out and back courses - literally 9 miles out and tehn run home. They can be motivating a little because Hell, you are 9 miles from home, how else are you gonna get back but to run. however, if you mess up your fueling that you bruoght with you (plus I had to wear a fuel belt which I hate) you are screwed. What I find works for me now is to break teh long run into 3 loops. The first loop is longer - about half to two thirds of the total run. I find that I dont really need water or fueling for about 8 miles during a long run. Plus I find this mentally helpful because once you finish this loop, you are more than half way tehre. So I do a 10 mile loop that has a place to stop for water at mile 7ish. I will have a GU there and finish up the loop back to my house. The second two loops are shorter - usually the 3rd is the shortest by at least a mile. That way when I stop at my house for water and another GU (and a quick walk break - usually no more than 30 seconds) I just tell myself - this next loop is only 3 miles, you can do 3 miles in your sleep. Tell myself the same thing at the last loop. Another thing that might help is to get someone to run with. Even if there is nobody else going long - find someone that wants to run 4-5 miles and meet up with them for it right in the middle of your long run. I have a friend who likes to do 7-8 on Sundays (my long run day) so when I am doing 16 I will just leave early and meet her at 6:00 conveniently planned out to happen at mile 6-7 of my long run. I run 8 with her and then a mile and a half back to my house. Running with someone takes your mind of the pain and really helps with the mental aspect of the run. And hey, I have the same dilemna - camping this weekend and not sure how to get my 10 miler in. Given that you are trying to have a baby (and assuming you dont have any yet) I am sure I wont see you at Jellystone this weekend as I pack up the 3 little ones and trek to wherever it is located in Western Mass. Good luck.

              Oh Mighty Wing

                We will be camping in Norther PA. It should be great! The place has this cool trail with all these waterfalls! I'll have ot get some pictures this year. Last year it wore me out but this year I hope to show up in better shape (last year when we went I could only run 3-4 miles). I am thinking the loop thing will be ok. I useto have a running friend for long runs - but she started putting me down so we parted ways. And the last time I ran at the one park is when my knee decided it hates me - so I'm a little leary... although I really think it's all mental. And I think once I get one successful long run on this course I'll like running there. It's a historical park and it's beautiful! If this week isn't successful I might try to join the group in town. Because you are right it might help to have people to run with. Let's keep our fingers crossed I can mentally overcome Thursday. As far as fueling - I was going to try shot blocks. 10 miles will put me over 2 hours. So I was thinking I will take some at the halfway point - which will be in between my 2 loops. Think that will be enough?