A Mile A Day


Would you run through this? (Read 190 times)




    A streaker - Bill Anderson, whose streak is over 35 years long had an emergency appendectomy, and still got his mile in.  Would you have run that day?


    Apparently, his daughter went out into the hospital courtyard and measured the circumference and then calculated for him how many laps he would have to run to get in his mile.  Wow.

      I think a running streak is a nice thing to do if it works out but to me that's taking it to a ridiculous extreme. I guess if your whole life is wrapped up in the running streak you gotta do it. Tomorrow will be day number 300 for me and I'd like to see how long I can keep it going but if I get sick enough I'll just start over at zero without a whole lot of anguish. Guess I'll never break any records but that's okay.

        Hey - congrats on day 300 though  Smile

        Lush Extraordinaire

          I'm a bit stubborn so I would probably do it. It depends on if it was an open appy or a laproscopic appy. Open, nah (plus I would have been pretty sick at that point and more interested in pain medication). Lap appy, probably. I can't really say until the moment strikes but I could see myself insisting on it. I'm a dumbass, though.

          5k - 23:30

          10k - 49:00

          Half - 1:48:34

          Full - 4:01:28


          Working toward hip nirvana.


            I'm a dumbass, though.


            I am too!  I must admit for me it is a mental thing -- I just feel better getting that mile in every day.


            I ran 1.25 the morning of my surgery last summer and was making laps around the hospital floor after my surgery that day and I had a 5 inch incision.  I started walking a mile when I got home 2 days later.  I guess it was good that I had so many stitches -- it took me 3 weeks before I was comfortable enough to run but by then I was already fast walking 4 miles!  So I am crazy and dumb!  Joking


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