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Weekly Check-in 09/14/09 (Read 311 times)

    Okay, let's see if we cant get this post started back up and running more consistently.  The kids are back in school so hopefully I will be back on a more steady schedule.


    Last week was a pretty good week for me.  Mileage is still a little lower than I want it.  I would like to hold my mileage between 40-50 for the rest of the year building up to my marathon training for a May marathon.  At that point I am hoping to ramp up the mileage to 70s (maybe using Pfitzingers plan).


    Anyway, foot was hurting a bit last week but I did do a 5K on Sunday which felt okay.  I felt a bit out of shape running it but took 2nd in my AG and was able to out-kick another runner from my running club at the end.  Came in at 20:13 which is 24 seconds off my PR but I really havent done any speedwork or prep for this race so I'll take it.


    Right now I am looking into hiring an online running coach again - just not sure if I am going to do it now or wait till the marathon training starts at the end of December.


    Milestones this week:


    Oldman - 7 months

    Albertoknox - 7 months

    Jill_B - 6 months

    Roses Revenge - 100 days

    SkBunny - 100 days

    Teresadfp - 3 months


    Nice job everyone - keep up the good work.







    In it for the long run..

      I will hit 180 days in 2 days.


      This past week was a tough one for me.  With Labor Day, I had two races (Mon and Sat) and a 22 mile training run yesterday.  I am flat tuckered out, so took an easy 2 mile run this morning.  I think I'll cut back the miles this week and rest up.  I am not an advocate of 22 mile training runs (especially for older runners), but our course was mis-measured and this was a SHORTENING of the course from the 24 it turned out to be!  Thank God for Garmins so I actually knew what was going on, unlike some others who followed the directions blindly and just had watch time to go by.

      "It's not who wins the workout..."



        I am still holding steady although my legs are a bit sore from doing the Ragnar Relay last weekend.  I ran well but too fast for me on all 3 legs so I am paying for it now.  I went out for 12 miles yesterday and had to stop after 8 because it was enough.  I too am feeling a little burned out so I am going to take it easy this week and then start back with the marathon training Sunday.


        Congrats to all with milestones!  Keep it up! 


        MM #2929


        I fly.

          I have a horrible head cold so my running has been stinking.  But hopefully I'll get in my missed long run tomorrow.  Other than that, things are good.

          Bring it on.

            I had a good couple of weeks until last week.  I found both pairs of shoes I have been alternating might be reaching the end of their useful running life.  A new pair of shoes has been introduced to the rotation as a result.


            My weekend mileage was disappointing and I am pointing to donating whole blood on Wednesday as the cause (see thread I will begin shortly).  I hope to be solidly over 30 miles this week.

              I just reached 125 days today.  I too  had a 10K on Labor Day and a 5K on Saturday.  Running 1min/mile less than my training runs took a lot out of me.  I have cut back on my mileage this week.  I had my highest mileage month in August in preparation for my upcoming half marathons in October.  I also have a vacation coming up the end of this week and I am not sure I will be able to get high mileage in while away.  I will run though.  I am just proud that I am still plodding along.

                419 days and still going strong!!!  Woo hoo!! 6 miles every single blessed day, rain, shine, warm weather or cold.  Even ran with the flu one day last week.  Miserable.
                Roses Revenge

                  Hit my 100 days yesterday.  Looking back, the longest day was a marathon on the first day of the streak.  The shortest was just 1 mile.  The most common is about a 1.5 mile loop from my front door.  I'm getting faster at that loop and have lost a few more pounds since starting the streak.

                  Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 Double Agent #22  It's a perfect day and I feel great!

                    Getting back in the groove... still not streaking though



                      Getting back in the groove... still not streaking though



                      Hoping that, combined with following a few recommendations on low HR training, I can keep nagging injuries at bay and get into a good streak.

                      PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full

                      Post-Bipolar PRs: 38:35 5k/ 1:09:34 8k/ 1:09:39 5mi/ 1:33:03 10k/ 3:20:40 Half


                      2019 Goals 
                      1,250 miles/ Fundraise, Train, and Execute the 3-Day / Race a half marathon/ Try for a sub-6 hour marathon
                      Run, consistently, without fail


                      Top 'O the World!

                        Hmmm, hoping to....lets see how wonky Fall gets around here!  & next marathon in 10 wks!
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                        A Saucy Wench

                          yeah, uh.  well.  I ran today. 

                          I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


                          "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

                            yeah, uh.  well.  I ran today. 


                            Hey, its something.  How is the leg?

                              Ran for the first time today after a 35 day break. Plan to start running everyday October 1.