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    Well, managed to get out the door and run a 1.25 recovery run after yesterday's 50k.  I am sore but not any more sore than the day after a marathon.


    The ultra was great and I was pleased overall.  I was hope to run under 5:30 but finished just under 5:40.  I have never run a trail race or any trails for that matter.  The race was on dirt/gravel paths but the route looped around and had 3 out and back routes, which had you crossing areas of small rocks, mud and even regular roads.  Funny how easy it felt at mile 30 to be back on pavement.  Big grin


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      Nice job Ojo!!!


      I have high hopes of doing a 50 mile ultra in the Fall and can only hope it goes as well as yours did.


      Take it easy and recover well.




        Great race Ojo. 5:30. 5:40. What's 10 minutes between friends?


        And it's interesting about your level of soreness. I found the same thing after the 6 Hour I did last November. Nothing extraordinary beyond soreness and fatigue about equivalent to a marathon. I'd have to check, but I think I was back running volume fairly quickly. And it was during this present streak, so I definitely ran the next day like you did.


        Speaking of... only 10 more days to a year. My, how time flies.

        Lush Extraordinaire

          Nice job Ojo! You are so awesome. Big grin

          5k - 23:30

          10k - 49:00

          Half - 1:48:34

          Full - 4:01:28


          Working toward hip nirvana.