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    Hi again everyone, Again, welcome to the group. On the "Home" page of this group I have set up a link to a site where I put a chart of everyone's total number of consecutive days' run. I took your start date from looking at your running log (except tarbl - if you can either make your running log public or let me know your actual start date that would be great). Also, mledet - your RA log starts on 1/1/08 but if you had a streak going prior to this, let me know and I will change the date. Right now the table is not sortable and only has name, start date and number of days. If you can think of anything else that you might want on there, let me know. I am also going to work on making the table sortable. With the small number of members we have now, I dont think it is too cumbersome to look at the table as is, but if the numbers get large it might be easier to be able to sort the table. Hope everyone got their run in today. Jeff
      Okay, I was able to make it sortable, but unfortunately the javascript that calculates the # of days treats it like text and not a number so it doesnt quite sort that column correctly.

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        Just one day off on my start date. Day 1 for me was 24 June 06! Darrin

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          Jeff, The only streak I had prior to Jan 1 was a streak of not running consistently. Surprised
            Just one day off on my start date. Day 1 for me was 24 June 06! Darrin
            Fixed. Also, I have pretty much determined that having the table sort is kind of useless because the script I am using treats it as text so it wont sort correctly. I am going to leave it as is though because I do like the way it looks and you can at least sort by persons name correctly.