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Weight Loss (Read 170 times)

    I have some weight loss goals.   I was looking over my log the other day and notice when I started streaking my weight loss slowed down.  I know there is many other variables that probably connected with this but...   Has anybody  noticed streaking affect weight loss in a negative or positive way? 


    On the bright side, even though the losing has slowed my weight has been more stable.   That is probably good for my long term out look.


      I wasnt really trying to lose weight before but I find that when I am training more, I am more hungry and tend to not even realize how many extra calories I am putting in my body.
        I actually found that my weight stabilized.  It has remained steady for almost 9 months and in only the last few months have I lost about 4 pounds. I have a weight chart on my training log summary page which shows my weight since I started running.  I think the streaking helped me eat better.  I no longer feel the need to "pig out" on the bad foods.  I have had a bag of peanut butter M&Ms in the kitchen cupboard for months and haven't opened them until my husband cracked open the bag the other day.  In the pre streak days I could have eaten the whole pound bag in a sitting. Streaking is consistency in running which gave me consistency in eating.