A Mile A Day


Marathon training starts on Monday (Read 176 times)


    So I am taking another stab at a marathon this year.  I am hoping to qualify for Boston (need a 3:20).


    But I was just doing a quick calculation because I was interested to see what day of my running streak that would be.  It will be day 1,021.


    As it turns out, the longest streak anyone on this group has had was Darrin (Young1) at 1,020 days.  So not only will I hopefully be qualifying for Boston on that day and completing my 7th marathon, I will also be passing Darrins longest streak on that day. 


    Thought that was kind of weird.



      Actually sounds kind of cool to me!  What are you going to run?  Good luck with your training.


      I am also going to start training for my 7th (and potentially 8th) marathon.  I don't wait to BQ anymore -- just hoping for the Maniac status.


      MM #2929


        Maniac status is something I'll probably never get - two marathons so close together I think would be too much for my legs.


        I am running the Baystate marathon in Lowell, MA and I need a 3:20.  This will qualify me for Boston for 2012 since I turn 40 next year.  this works out great because my wife and I have a deal where I only run a marathon every 2 years or so.