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Another Slump - need some healing vibes (Read 142 times)

    So just after I thought i  was getting over that mental slump from last week, I got slammed this morning.  I was taking a shower and had some serious pain in the nether-regions.  I blew it off, figuring it would go away - dropped the kids off at school and went to work.  By 11:00 the pain was so bad I couldnt focus.


    Called my doctor and got an appointment at noon - 3 hours, one ultrasound and one cup full of pee later, I have some sort of inflammation and am on rest for the next 10 days.  Antibiotics and Inflammatory medicine twice a day, and nothing strenuous.  Will still try to get in my mile every day - struggled through one today.  It wasn't comfortable.  Had to finish off the rest of the day at work, but was totally uncomfortable to the point of being nauseous. 


    Just completely bummed again because I was just starting to feel better, and just starting a new workout plan to try to build my overall fitness and physique.  Now its all on hold for the next two weeks.


    Sorry, just griping.  Going to bed now in hopes that this is all a bad dream and it will be gone when I wake up tomorrow.




      Oh no Jeff!  I hope the meds start working quickly so you feel better.  I know it is hard thinking of stopping but if your body really needs it you might have to consider it.  Sad 


      Sending those healing vibes!!


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        Feel better soon Jeff!!!

        And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




          Take care of yourself Jeff. Whatever that means in here, take care of yourself.


            Speedy recovery.  Pain in the nether regions is no fun. Sad

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              I hope you recover quickly Jeff!

                Sending healing thoughts your way.

                Streaking is not meant to hurt us. 

                Sometimes I wonder if there would be a feeling of relief at not having to run every day come hell or high water.

                I am not ready to see how it would feel.

                I just wonder sometimes. Smile