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What have you run through? (Read 112 times)


    Okay, so reading a post by mburlingame where he said he ran sick, at 13000 feet, etc... to keep his streak going, lets get a list of tough times you have run through to keep your streak alive - or even when you werent streaking but still just wanted to get that workout in. I'll start - so far this year alone I have run through: Stomach flu - by far my hardest week to keep it going At altitude when away on a trip to Denver - 5000ft above sea level Hung over Still drunk - when I got to Denver we went out to dinner and didnt get back till 11:30 and I had to get the run in Pinched nerves Blizzard Thunderstorms I'm sure there is more crap I have had to put up with to keep the streak going but cant remember any more right now. Later Jeff
      Hangovers (or running drunk) have been the toughest challenge for me. Not that I have them all the time, I just haven't had many challenges yet. I have been lucky. I have the flu a few months ago for about a week, but strangely enough I actually felt better when I ran than when I wasn't running. My nose would clear up and everything. I also had a pain in my calf after running laps on the local bridge. It wasn't too bad, but I had the same thing happen last year and it got bad enough to where I had to take 2-3 weeks off. That was before I considered starting a streak. Upcoming challenges: Humidity and heat of Texas! Later! Mike

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        I really haven't had anything too bad yet. Last year I ran a 1/2 marathon in bad shoes and had some horrible blisters. Some had already broken open but others were fluid filled. For whatever reason, I thought that removing the skin from each blister was the way to go. Bad call! The next day when it came time to run, I put bandages over the blisters and got on the treadmill. The blisters started bleeding, soaked through my socks and then through my white shoes. The first mile was the worst, and then my feet were just numb. The pain was worth it, and the streak stayed alive. Streak on! Darrin

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          I have run outside when it is extremely cold. When my son was younger he liked to take my hat off when I got back from such a run. My hair was frozen to the hat, and he thought that was the funniest thing. However, I will be the first to admit I am a wimp. When more than one weather element is present (cold and snow OR wind and rain) I run on a treadmill in my basement.
            Not on a streak but I ran through 30 degree weather and rain to get in 12. My avatar has a picture from that day with ice formed in my beard and a big ice chunk on my glasses. I also fell that day on a patch of ice I didn't see... I will probably tread mill it next year if such elements present again.