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Donating Whole Blood and Streaking (Read 127 times)

    Does anyone else donate whole blood while streaking?  I understand the day of donation and even the next day could be dicy in terms of physical exertion but I am finding I feel affected even a week after donating.  Yesterday's eight-mile run was horrible and I am not fighting any injuries.  I donated last Wednesday at noon, ran a couple miles that night and ran a few miles each of the next three days.


    Any thoughts?

      I haven't donated in more than a year. Mostly because I seem to be in training for some race most of the time. I've had some really bad races/runs after a donation. Mainly just because I wasn't smart enough not to race within a day or so of donating or the same thing with a long run. But, just running I didn't have any problems just slow slog for a few days until everything is back to normal.

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