A Mile A Day


Strings... (Read 139 times)


    Nice looking graph you have there.
      Thanks. Need to start flattening it out now that I'm past the 30 mpw point.

      Running around the ship

        WOW! Have you guys read "Strings..." web site!?! I love it Strings! You are a champ. You have so exceeded my own achievements...I'm wondering if I'm almost inspired. I won't admit to that yet! You keep goin man...you're story (and story telling abilities) are awesome! You should definitely tell your stories over here...on our forum pages. I think it would help us all! In Awe...(you're greeat too Jeff ...and everyone else! ;-) ) Mike
          Thanks Mike... Lee's Summit, eh? I hop down to Tanner's in Lee's Summit when I visit the family in Raytown and Overland Park.