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    Sorry, just got finished watching "Prep and Landing 2" with the kids.


    Anyway, check out this link




    and see who has moved out of the "Neophytes" (less than 5 years) and into the "Proficient" (5+ years) streak list.


    Unfortunately my run on 12/30 was not monumental.  I was up in VT skiing and just got a mile on the treadmill while the kids were in the pool.  The roads were not great up there for running this weekend so a lot of short ones.  I'm hoping to have a good year running this year though.


    Streak On!!!!




      Nice Jeff!


      I can't believe how long some people have been streaking.  It would be interesting to know if many of them just run 1 mile or day.


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        Nice work Jeff!

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          Yay, Jeff!

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            Wow 5 years thats something and I think it is good to do a year way to goBig grin

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