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1-2 miles/day can be a big improvement! (Read 72 times)

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    Just finished 2 weeks of doing at least a mile a day... and things are going well. This week I got 8.7 miles in. Last week I got 8.5. HOWEVER... the 4 weeks prior had been 2.7, 1.6, 6.1, 3.0. So, even though it's only about 1 mile/day, it's actually a good-sized improvement for me. I've not been able to keep this kind of mileage up since December ... well, really November... I kept on getting hit by injuries. So far, so good. No new injuries or aches and pains. My body seems to like these short, frequent runs just fine. So even though it's just 8-ish miles/week, I'm running, and it's pain free. That's a good thing! More miles can come later. With time. I'm happy with just being able to run this far every day... Smile So, a BIG THANKS to JeffDonahue who was the fellow who initially tipped me off about this run-every-day group. And hats off to all you here who keep it alive! Big grin

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      Nice job Wingz. Consistency is key.
        Hi Wingz, that is how I do a lot of my runs 1 mile up to 3 or 4. I f I go to hard or long (for me) it takes a few day for me to recover. When I get out today it will be 61 days straight for me and that is the longest I have ever run in a row. My legs seem to be getting used to the everyday run so hope to start building miles up it just takes time I guess, keep up the good work, the way I look at it 1 mile a day is better than none. Big grin

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