A Mile A Day


streak broken (Read 71 times)

    Im bummed. Yesterday was one of those days where everything worked against me. I got out of work at 4:30 and at 4:27 it started to POUR. I was suppose to run with my brother but since there was lightning we skipped. I met up with my cousins for dinner (one just came up from florida to visit) and we parted ways at 9pm. I had a 30 to 40 minute drive home and was going to stop at the gym to quickly get my mile in. Plans changed when I got on the highway and it took an hour to go 1 exit (normally 5 minutes). So now it is 10pm and while sitting in traffic I got a migraine. So I decided to stay at my hubby's uncles house nearby and that ended my streak. It was a good 'run' though and I will give it another shot starting today or tomorrow.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      aww man! Those days are just rough! But you did well!!! and the good part is that you want to try it again!

        Yeah, dont let it get you down. It sucks, but life happens, and after you had just reached your 30 days if I remember correctly.
          Smile yeah I made it 31 days. At least now I have a goal to beat. Looking forward to giving it another shot! Thanks for the encouragement.

          Oh Mighty Wing

            The beach is always my downfall... WHY do I not run 1 mile before we leave - just in case???? 2 days off... the longest since beginning of may! It felt good but today I was SOO hyper! My 3 miles felt great!!