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    For those that didnt see the post on the general forums or notice it in their summary page or see it in the menu to the left, Eric made some pretty cool upgrades for our little group.


    1 - We now have a STREAK menu item to the left.  So if you post your runs to RA, you should hopefully be in there.  This means no updating the spreadsheet.   I will still leave the spreadsheet up because I know some of you dont post your runs on RA.


    2 - Your log page should now load faster because he updated hte way it loads the streak totals.


    3 - The streak total on your Summary page should now also show the total streak miles on it as well (the STreak chart to the left also shows the miles)


    4 - Also, I hadnt noticed because my current streak is also my longest.  But if you are on a current streak but have had a streak earlier that was longer (ie - if you had to start over for some reason) the streak widget now shows your current streak as well as your longest streak which is pretty cool as well.


    I am pretty excited about this.  I had asked for the menu item to the left quite a while ago, but was honestly perfectly happy just to get the streak widget that we got.  And I noticed that a lot of other people out there use it as well, not just our group members.


    Sincere thanks to Eric for all his work




      I was so excited when I saw the change and then immediately thought what a numbers geek I am.  I'll have to check out the other changes as well.  I think I need to add an RA donation to my bills next month.  Yay Eric!


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        This is pretty cool.  Thanks Eric!

          Wow!  This is awesome!



              I think I need to add an RA donation to my bills next month.  Yay Eric!


            +1 as soon as we are caught up from Christmas - hopefully by next month.


              This really is very cool. I'm restarting my streak (yet again) after an injury set back, and the new widgets are providing a lot of motivation!

              Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

              Message me!





                I just noticed that if you are looking at our new STREAK reports (either the current or longest one) and you hover your mouse over the number of days it actually shows you the dates of that streak.  Wow, this just gets cooler everytime I look at it.