A Mile A Day


800 days!!!!! (Read 166 times)

    Just logged my run today and realized I was at 801 - passed 800 and didnt realize it.  Just goes to show you how routine it is for me to just go in and log a run each day.


    on the flip side, the barefoot thing isnt going so well.  1/2 mile each the last two days and had some pain on the top of my foot when I ran today.  Damn, might have to rest for a week or so again to try to heal it up and then start again back at lower mileage.  Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. 

      I don't know anything about barefoot running, but wow, congratulations on 800 days! I'm going to be excited when I hit one month.

      Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

      Message me!





        Congratulations Jeff!  1000 days does not seem too far away! 


        MM #2929

          Congratulations!  800 days is almost unfathomable!


            Apparently top of foot pain is common when you start  barefooting.  So much so that they have an acronym for it on the barefoot forums.
              Congratulations Jeff!  1000 days does not seem too far away! 



              Trying to get to 1020 at least so I can surpass Darrin's (Young1)  record.  I just got the new USRSA listing and I am #201 now - moved up 8 spots from last year.

                That's awesome Jeff. I am just starting out, at 71 days today, you are an inspiration to us all. Keep it going!!