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    Well, I managed to make it to 900 days despite my crooked back.  Sadly, I did not run my marathon yesterday.  And my birthday sucked because no one bothered to make alternate plans because they thought I would be gone all day!  I did go to a Chiropractor today even though I am getting better -- I just know that I am still out a whack and the adjustments will help me. 


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      Sorry about the marathon, but it is probably better not to have tried and pushed it too far.  Back pain can be a tricky thing, my mother suffered from it for a long time.


      Too bad about your birthday too - did you at least get some alone time to relax then?



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        I hope they made up for the lack of plans for your birthday later!  Sorry you missed your marathon, but it's still impressive to keep your streak going despite your back issues

        One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.