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Any night shift folks out there? (Read 81 times)

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    I'm being switched to a night shift, at least semi-permanently. Last time I worked nights, I found I had difficulty scheduling my workouts because I got confused as to what day was what and what workouts were too close together and what wasn't. I finally decided that a "day" started when I woke up (in the late afternoon) and ended when I went to bed (in the morning)... and that my calendar was just going to have to look imbalanced. Now, I'm thinking that the cutoff for a "day" will be noon for me, just like it was midnight before. I'm also planning to log any workouts as under the date that it was when my day started, not on the actual calendar date they occurred. I think changing the dates I log things under will make it easier for me to visualize what's too close or not too close or what's a streaking day and what's a screw-up. Any other night shift folks out there? How do you handle streaking? What if you end up rotating shifts?

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      Ugh - sounds rough. NOt sure I could handle a night shift right now, I'm just too tired all the time. Good luck.

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        Oh man...what a dilemma. Granted I'm not faced with this problem, but 12 midnight is the cut off I think I would still have to use. I suppose I would (eeek!) run before I went to work everyday. That would either be roughly noon-1 or 9-10 everyday. Glad I'm not in your shoes! (sorry) Mike