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Streak Over.... (Read 115 times)

    Well, I had a good run.  185 days to be exact. 


    Injury has gotten the better of me.  I have decided to listen to body which is telling me that I am idiot to try and continue the streak.  I haven't run for 5 days and I am happy with how my body is responding.  I am optimistic that I will be back at it in a couple of weeks or so.


    In the mean time, I am enjoying biking trying to enjoy the time off.



      Sorry to hear but it is always smart to listen to your body!  Have fun with the biking.


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        Sorry to hear it's ending, but you are always better to not push it too far if your body is telling you it's time to stop.


        Best of luck



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          Sorry to hear it, but it is always wise to listen to the body.  Good luck to you.
            Sounds like you made the right decision. Glad you are optimistic you will be back at it in a couple of weeks.

              Enjoy your biking! Live to streak another day!