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Damn it II (Read 72 times)

    Last night I slipped on the ice, and landed hard. I was almost 1.5 miles from home and then BAM! I got up. Thought about continuing, but decided to jog slowly back home. My left leg just below the knee is bruised. I iced it last night, and kept walking around (advice directly taken from the other Damn it! thread - thanks). It feels fine unless I bend the knee so my leg is at a 90 degree angle. I'm going to follow the "don't do that" advice to avoid that pain. I am going to continue to run.

      Ouch, hope I didnt jinx you. My ankle still hurt when I woke up this morning so I didnt run my scheduled 10 miler. I hope to move around a bit at work to loosen it up and maybe get 5 in at lunch. If I am so inclined, I may try the other 5 tonight after my son's cub scout meeting, but I'm not going to push it - gotta think about the big picture here.
        I'll be following a similar plan - keep moving around. I hope we both get over these ailments soon.

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          Ow! Hope you feel better soon!

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            Thanks I thought about joining this group: http://www.runningahead.com/groups/benched/Forum, but it would be in direct conflict ours...