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    So, I just finished my madman midnight mile.  That makes run number 365 and by my reckoning that would be a year.  When next you hear from me I will be in Peru (going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married).



    Talk to y'all soon.


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      congrats and CONGRATS!

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        Congrats and best of luck to you at your wedding!  How exciting!


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        In it for the long run..

          Yea!  Congrats on both.

          "It's not who wins the workout..."


            Nice job on hitting 365 and best wishes as you begin married life!

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              Roads were made for journeys...

                A hearty double congratulations to you!!!!

                I fly.

                  Congrats & Congrats!

                  Bring it on.

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                    Congrats x 2

                    Top 'O the World!

                      Very Kewl! Congrats!
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                        Woohoo! Congrats!!!

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                          Congratulations!!!!  That is awesome.

                            Thanks for all the congrats.  Just a couple of more days until I get marrried.  We are both really excited.


                            Check out my maps to see my continued running down here south of the equator !!  I am now well underway into year #2.