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I'm on the site! (Read 116 times)


    Just checked this morning and I am now listed on the site at http://www.runeveryday.com/lists/RunningStreakList.htm as having the 209th longest streak - only 35 people away from Darrin (174th). Mike Burlingame is on there now too at 220th. Also checked out the retired streakers list and noted that there were two people who's streaks ended so far in 2009 - one of which was after almost 26 YEARS!!!!! Now, if only my ankles will heal up so I can make sure I can keep going.

      And looking at our list mainrun will be eligible exactly one month from today!!!! Keep going!!
        hey hey - thanks !

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          Congrats, Jeff! I know this means a lot to you. Big grin

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            That's really cool! Congrats!

            Bring it on.

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              Great job Jeff and Mike! How many more "A Mile A Day" members can we get on that list? Streak on everyone! D

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                Sweet. Congratulations. Now take it easy on your ankles


                  Congratulations Jeff and Mike!


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                    Yahooo! Thanks everyone!!