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    I've got 34 days under my belt, not much, but its the most consecutive running days I've ever put together. Unfortunately, this milestone has arrived with a case of bursitis in my left hip. I'm not 100% sure whether its from the running or squats that I do when strength training. Probably a combination of both. I had issues w/ bursitis once before and a trip to the doc and some meds knocked it out. However, I wasn't running much when that happened. In fact, I think I injured it the first time falling a w/ my jeans on. Damn belt pulled tight over the hip or something and caused it to become inflamed. I'm currently treating it with ice and ibuprofen. Hopefully it will be subside soon. Reaching the stories linked off the runeveryday.com site, I saw that the current leader once ran through a BROKEN FOOT.

      Ouch, that sucks. Do you think you are still going to be able to get the token mile in? I was struggling last week a bit due to some shin pain I thought might be shin splints, but it is subsiding now and I was able to get through my runs (albeit slower than usual) Good luck Jeff
        Jeff, Yes. It showed up about 3 days ago and I was able to put in my long run yesterday. I don't think it will affect my runs unless the swelling increases. My wife won't let me take ibuprofen indefinitely Surprised so I'm hoping it clears up in a few weeks. I'm definitely not going down without a fight.
          Kudos for continuing your streak! Have you thought about cutting down/cutting out strength training until the bursitis subsides? You could also take brief walking breaks during training. They sure help me. I couldn't run every day if I didn't take occasional breaks after the first mile. Hang in there! Paul
            I definitely cut out any squatting movements until this thing passes. I ran a very slow mile today then walked a mile at leisure pace. I convinced a friend of mine to come for the run. I knew if he came along, I wouldn't run additional miles while I was out there. I didn't get as much ice on it today as I would have liked and I can feel it a bit more than the past few days. Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. But, I'm thinking about another slow miler followed by some boxing with the heavy bag to get my cardio going.

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              That's what seperates the "every day runners" from everyone else. There are a lot of people who have weeks, months, even years of "inactivity streaks", but very, very few have weeks, months, even years of consecutive running (exercise)! Streak on! Smile Darrin

              "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

                Went to the Doc today. Got script for 800 mg ibuprofen 3 times daily. Hopefully, it will put an end to this bursitis. Doesn't really HURT when I run, just warm, but afterwards it usually flares up a little. Trying to keep the miles and the pace really easy until I get through it.

                  Coming up on my real first obstacle right now I think. I have three kids and all of them have just gone through a battle with the flu. My oldest was out of school for a week. Well, I thought I was fighting it off but I woke up this morning not feeling too great - head is foggy, small cough and that weird feeling in my sinuses that just cant be a good thing. Luckily today was just a one mile run day for me, but tomorrow I am scheduled to do a 12 mile progression run. Ugh
                    Jeff, Hopefully it will blow over quickly. Just listen to your body, drink lots of fluids, and try not to let your mind force you into places that your body doesn't want to go. Unless of course that place is a 1 mile run. In that case, just let the mind take over.

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                      I agree with Second Nature, lots of fluids, and if it must be just one mile, then it must be, just one mile. Hope you feel better soon, and streak on! D

                      "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."


                        Yesterday wasnt bad. I got up and my head was a little cloudy, but nothing that was going to stop me from going out the door. What did stop me was the very large sheet of ice that was my street, and every other street in the area. Ugh - I hate freezing rain. So off ot the gym I go... Ran 12 miles on the dreadmill. Man was it boring. Actually the first half hour wasnt too bad because there was some cute cartoon on called Jane and the Dragon which I watched instead of listening to music. After that it was as boring as hell. There werent even many people at the gym so I coudlnt even people watch. But I got through it. Easy run today at lunch. Not feeling sick but I am pretty tired today because my youngest has the flu pretty bad right now and I've been up a lot for the last three nights.
                          Way to go, Jeff! Hope you and the kids feel better real soon. Paul

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                            Wow! Great job! I'm sure nothing feels better than completing a run after feeling sick. I worry about that day. But I will definitely refer back to your post of success! Mike