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Team 4midable - February 2013 thread (Read 18 times)


    I've finally gotten around to starting a new thread for February.  And what news to start it with: we took first place this week, again!  And we were down by one runner, which makes it an even more impressive accomplishment.  Congratulations 4midables!


    I had been keeping a small list of upcoming races, but I've lost track of the thread with that information, so I'm starting it up again here.  I'll fill it in if I can find the old information.  Otherwise, feel free to chime in with what you're planning and I'll add it.


    February 23: Zelanie is running a 5k

    February 24: monkkey is running the Central Park Marathon

    March 9: jediegunnie26.2 is running the Chambersburg (PA) Half Marathon

    March 10: irishbuy is running Miles for Music

    March 16: Zelanie will be running in a 10-mile race

    April 14: Zelanie is running the Corvallis Half Marathon

    April 21: jeslyn11 is running the Earth Day Challenge half marathon in gambier, OH (it's her half marathon debut!)

    May 5: jediegunnie26.2 is running the Frederick (MD) Half Marathon, runnva is running the Flying Pig Marathon, Anonymous Guest and irishguy are both running the NJ Marathon, and I am running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon


    That's all for now, 4midables.  And congratulations on this week's first-place showing!



      Nice job on the strong week 4midables. Training going really well right now. I am a month out from my first spring half. Ran with some fast friends last weekend for my LR for 13.2 and by far fastest I ran in training for a LR. 1:45:18. Most miles on Cburg course so feeling really confident about race right now. I'm having good week with mileage and should hit my first 60m week of 2013.


      Good running all and keep it up.

      PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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        Morning, 4midables!  Exciting to see us at the top of the results!

        Bob - I'm planning on the Flying Pig Marathon on May 5.  If I can keep the shins behaving.  Looks like May 5 will be a busy day on the team!

        PRs: 5k (21:48); 10k (44:32); 10 mile (1:14:52)

        Anonymous Guest


          Way to go team! I'm in Arizona for my work annual meeting. At past meetings I had to work all weekend, but in my current job I have nothing more to do until Sunday night. So I found a 50k to run tomorrow - will be my last (and one of my only) long run before Mount Mitchell Challenge in NC in 2 weeks (40 miler).


          Running a bunch of races this spring, but my goal race is the NJ Marathon May 5.


          Since everyone else is blogging:
          Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


            Awesome running, everyone!

            I am running the Central Park Marathon on 2/24.  Two weeks away, yikes!


              I'll update the list when I'm signed on with the laptop (I'm posting for am iPad now, and I am not fully up to speed on editing with this device). Lots of races on May 5th!  And I'm impressed that anyone would run a 50k as a lark.


              happy running, 4midables!


                Welcome to team 4midable, jeslynchap!  Stop by and tell us a little about yourself and your running.


                  I've updated the race list.  May 5th is looking like a busy day for us.


                  And congratulations, 4midables, for this week's second-place showing!

                    I've got 3 races coming up.   My goal race is the Corvallis HM on April 14.  Along the way I also have a 5K on 2/23 and a 10 miler on 3/16.


                      That's a good schedule Zelanie.  It looks like you're in a decent mileage range for your April half marathon.

                        Thanks, Bob!  I wanted to wait until I think I could run a strong race to sign up for my first.  Hopefully my training goes well between now and then!


                          We still need posts from:






                          slongbrake66; and



                          Please post your miles by Thursday morning!


                            Congratulations, Zelanie, on a good 5k yesterday!

                              Thanks, Bob!  I have some good miles for the team as well!

                                Bob, I plan on running Miles for Music on 3/10, and also the New Jersey Marathon, my first on 5/5.