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Not quite right

    13.3 miles building back up left shin still bothering me some put it in the 2 to 3  on to 10 scale. On the plus side right one has been great. So progress there. Did a fast mile in the middle of my Saturday 5 miler. Felt good to kick it up some.


    Lump Off

      7 miles over lunch and I've run everyday this year so far.  Okay, only 10 days but I'm taking what I can get.

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        Happy 2013 team.  All the holiday craziness is over so perhaps I'll get back into a good running schedule.


        Sly - did you ever find a cause for the ab pain or what it just one of those things?


        I just posted my 0 for last week and was feeling pretty bad for all the 0 I've posted, and then I noticed many of us did not run over the holidays.  Whew!  It wasn't just me.


        Oh sorry have been busy and not around lately.


        I suspect the ab pain was simply a response to undigested PB and Bagel in the Marathon.  It has not bothered me since and I have not had any similar issues.  12 miles today on only a bowl of cheerios and banana, no water or other nutrients and felt fine though a little tired at the end.

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          I had a really good, HM event this Sunday very happy with the outcome.

          1:36:42 - 3rd A/G

          Have the report in the link to the loop:
          2013 Texas Half - RR


          Run Lanie, Run!

            Sorry I haven't been around on here lately folks, seems like time is just flying by these days! It's Feb already, spring will be here before we turn around good!


            Am doing really good with my running, actually ran 3 miles solid Saturday...granted it was at a pace slower than a slug but still!!!!!! Tonight was a slightly shorter 2.53 mile run. I was hoping to run a HM in April but have decided to train to actually race a 5k instead. I "ran" a 5k back in 2010 but it was at an 18mm pace so I don't really count it. I did pass 2 people so that was cool! My next HM is in March and my only goal is to PR even if it's just by a minute or so...then the real fun begins...I will train to run my first HM this fall. All previous races were walks or run/walk events and I want to actually RUN one.

            Hope everyone is doing great!

            Not quite right

              Distance: 4.02 mi
              Time: 50:31
              Avg Pace: 12:34 min/mi
              Elevation Gain: 207 ft
              Calories: 367 C



              Forget sometimes we got tread here also


              Run Lanie, Run!

                I do too, not on here as often as I should be being as I'm the captain :-)


                Please post your miles folks, I would hate to lose anyone for not posting (RWS, EB)...

                eb (M.R.T.) 3
                LikeHoney (M.R.T.) 1
                runs w/ scissors (M.R.T.) 3
                Slymoon (M.R.T.) 2
                stupidlazydog (M.R.T.) 2


                Works been crazy this week so running has been a catch as catch can lately, deadline is Thursday so Friday and the weekend should be awesome!

                Jack K.

                uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                  Wow. I just found this. Are you guys posting here and RWOL?

                  Not quite right

                    Sometimes I do both


                    Run Lanie, Run!

                      WOW, some captain I am...haven't posted on here in forever! Sorry guys! Anyways, just wanted to put the word in that the new forums are up and running (pun intended!) over at RWOL. So far, I like it...the team thread is TEAM MRT 2013 and is located under the Team Challenges title.


                      Hope everyone is doing well, am here! I have a HM tomorrow morning so today is a lazy day!

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                        I have been slacking!

                        Sorry for not keeping better track of the forum, just been crazy busy lately.


                        I set up a race schedule for the year to keep me focused...

                        5 Halfs, 1 Full and a mixture of 5&10ks in there.

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                          whoa dead threadness...


                          training is ramping up again, but woefully slow on my 5k work.


                          how is everyone else


                          Fear is a Liar

                            I am still here too!

                            Has anyone else not been able to log onto the RW site? When I try to sign on it says they are experiencing difficulties and are working on it.

                            I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


                              Still here too!

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                                I have been able to log on and post.  I still am not spending much time there though.