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Team 4midable - June thread (Read 16 times)


    No problem with the low mileage.  Good luck with the marathon training.


    We lost jedigunnie26.2 due to three weeks of non-posting.  Does anyone know what happened to him?


      We still need posts for this week, from andee1296, EatsFood, runningviolamom, and runnva.


      Training for my Fall half marathon begins in a few weeks (Monday, July 8th).  Until then I'm going to try to hang around the same weekly mileage figure. I'd like to shave a few minutes off of last year's time (1:55 and change).  I think that's achievable, but it'll take some work.


      I'm going to bump the team thread at RWOL, but my sense is that anyone who might want to participate in the team thread is over here.

      Run Long and Perspire

        Irishguy- Good luck on NYCM!


        Bob- Hoping you have a great training cycle for this HM!


        I am starting to be able to bump my mileage up again.  I am hoping to get back to 30ish and then hold there for a bit.  Still hoping for a fall half, but it might be more like winter.  We will have to see.


          I'll start the July thread soon.  Just popping in to report that andee1296 asked to go on Injured Reserve.