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Team Changes thread for 2013 (Read 76 times)


    Three new runners are being assigned to teams this morning.  Smile


    I put the F.A.T. in FAST is assigned to Pavement Pounders (note: that is one long username!)

    Pacer is going on Triple Digits; and

    DoctorK4 is going on Corredores.


    Welcome to your new teams!


    It's still a great time to sign up for the Miles Game.  There are several openings and there is no significant waiting period at the moment.  Look at the Open Invitation and FAQ thread for details on how to sign up.



        A few changes. zoekat and happyscientist, both from Margaritaville Miles, are retiring from the game. Both had been on the Injured Serve list for a while. Sorry to see you go.  And andee1296 from team 4midable has gone on the Injured Reserve list.


        There are spaces available for anyone who wants to join the Miles Game. Check out the 'Open Invitantion and FAQ thread for how to join.


          One change right now: KateRuns is going to Phoenix Rising.  Welcome to your new team!


            And Kpeacock has been added to Team 4midable.  Welcome to your new team!


              myartymyk has just joined Triple Digits.  And BexKix from Phoenix Rising will be going on Injured Reserve after the results are run today.  We're hoping to see Becky back soon. Smile


              Just a heads-up to the team Captains: there are a bunch of people who have been on Injured Reserve for something bordering on forever.  I suspect some of them have forgotten about the game completely.  If you're able to figure out what's going on with your long-term IR runners, let aplodder or me know and we can either drop them from the game, leave them on IR, or bring them back onto their teams.

              100K or Bust - Busted

                I have two. I'll PM the names to you.

                2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


                  Two long-term injured runners from Corredores are being dropped today: Ice Mom, and start@60. Neither has been heard from in a long time. In the event that either resurfaces, they're allowed to come back.


                  Team Captains - if you've got any long term IR runners who you think should be dropped, let aplodder or me know.


                    And crazyrunninglady from Team 4midable is retiring from the game.  She will be missed.


                      A few changes to report today:


                      runnva from Team 4midable has retired from the game.  We will miss her.


                      Ignispiritus has moved from Team: Available to Corredores.

                      And LakeShoreMadRunner has moved from Team: Available to Triple Digits.

                      Welcome to your new teams!


                      Tell your running friends there are spaces on teams.  See the Open Invitation thread for details on how to sign up. Smile


                        Two long-term Injured Reserve runners from Margaritaville Miles are going away. They are Jen16226 and synchorswim.


                        There are spaces available on teams, and now is a good time to join the Mlies Game. See he Open Invitation and FAQ head for details on how to sign up.


                          Three members of Team 4midable have been on Injured Reserve for something bordering on forever: j_satx, otprof, and runningstubborn. All three are being dropped. In the event that any of them decide to come back in the future, they will be welcomed back.


                            SoulRunner87 has just moved from Team: Available to Triple Digits.  Welcome to your new team!


                              As you probably know, one of the Miles Game's few rules is that you have to post your miles every week, and that if you go three weeks without posting your miles you get dropped from the game.  Unless you're on Injured Reserve or there's some other reason that you've let us know about in advance.


                              I haven't posted the drops for non-posting lately.  I think April 11th is the last time I listed the drops of the three-week non-posters.  In the 16 weeks since April 11th, 56 runners have been dropped from the Miles Game for not posting their miles.  Here's the list:


                              April 19, 2013 drops:
                              jon1331 (4midable)
                              Nuinta (Corredores)
                              BethRunsDisney (Hillkillers)
                              bounce76 (Pavement Pounders)


                              April 25, 2013 drops:
                              tyrailia (Luckylegs)
                              JCizzle (Triple Digits)


                              May 2, 2013 drops:
                              bd24627 (Corredores)
                              kristin10185 (Luckylegs)
                              slowone (Luckylegs)


                              May 10, 2013 drops:
                              nosweat (Corredores)
                              KrisG (Sole Train)


                              May 16, 2013 drops:
                              heyitserika (4midable)
                              jeslynchap (4midable)
                              countryfied (Kickin' Asphalt)
                              Peacemker (Luckylegs)
                              baxdaddy (Phoenix Rising)
                              Parrothead Christopher (Phoenix Rising)


                              May 23, 2013 drop:
                              Saigyo (Triple Digits)
                              May 30, 2013 drop:
                              slowone (Kickin' Asphalt)


                              June 6, 2013 drops:
                              texasaggie05 (Phoenix Rising)
                              flatlander62 (Sole Train)


                              June 13, 2013 drops:
                              SgtMojo (Pavement Pounders)
                              SpartanFan04 (Pavement Pounders)


                              June 21, 2013 drops:
                              jedigunnie26.2 (4midable)
                              DoctorK4 (Corredores)
                              fignewton820 (Corredores)
                              Brycedaddy (Hillkillers)
                              VAGentleman05 (Kickin' Asphalt)
                              mymomruns (Pavement Pounders)
                              shadia (Pavement Pounders)
                              wshealey (Triple Digits)


                              June 27, 2013 drops:
                              KayPS (Happy Feet)
                              thinkingviolet (Margaritaville Miles)


                              July 4, 2013 drops:
                              stlboilermaker (Corredores)
                              heavy hoofer (Kickin' Asphalt)
                              Emmeline (Phoenix Rising)
                              zbonii (Phoenix Rising)


                              July 11, 2013 drops:
                              ARCHAIC (Triple Digits)    
                              Indianahusker (Triple Digits)    
                              KristiRTT (Triple Digits)


                              July 18, 2013 drops:
                              DoctorK4 (Corredores)
                              Fuzzy64 (Hillkillers)
                              Pacer (Triple Digits)
                              rapscallion (Triple Digits)


                              July 25, 2013 drops:
                              awesomesauce (Corredores)
                              Duck & Run (Kickin' Asphalt)
                              Nater1300 (Kickin' Asphalt)
                              beth720 (Luckylegs)
                              RickDecker (Luckylegs)
                              GoesTo11 (Margaritaville Miles)
                              mjsmith1223 (Phoenix Rising)
                              jlowe13 (Triple Digits)


                              August 1, 2013 drops:
                              You gonna eat that? (4midable)
                              pae (Luckylegs)
                              KateRuns (Phoenix Rising)
                              queryanalyzer (Phoenix Rising)


                                twogees has just been added to Phoenix Rising;

                                and rapscallion has been added to Triple Digits.


                                Both runners have been with these teams in the past, and are returning.