Beginners and Beyond MILES GAME


MILES GAME Nag List 01/22/13 (Read 22 times)

Susan,Queen of the Crocs

    <caption>Missing Runners</caption>
    UsernameMissing Weeks
    gottagitgoin (4midable) 1
    lisa579 (4midable) 1
    runningviolamom (4midable) 1
    bd24627 (Corredores) 2
    gaspingforbreath (Corredores) 3
    Roy White (Corredores) 1
    kentuckian (Free Agents) 2
    mo'miles (Free Agents) 1
    ravenclawprefect (Free Agents) 2
    lateStarter (Happy Feet) 1
    Charles1968 (Hillkillers) 3
    tinari (Hillkillers) 1
    countryfied (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    Elizamath (Kickin' Asphalt) 2
    Running again for fun (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    townlake (Kickin' Asphalt) 2
    BuckeyeNurse (Luckylegs) 1
    huenix (Luckylegs) 1
    Jay.D. (Luckylegs) 1
    jrzeegirl88 (Luckylegs) 3
    kristin10185 (Luckylegs) 1
    onemileatatime (Luckylegs) 2
    Pegasus (Luckylegs) 2
    Teacher Tim (Luckylegs) 2
    tundrasusie (Luckylegs) 2
    awnm (M.R.T.) 3
    CSpirkRun (M.R.T.) 1
    LikeHoney (M.R.T.) 1
    runs w/ scissors (M.R.T.) 2
    bakwoodj (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    GoesTo11 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    lilredfiat (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    MonkeyDog1 (Margaritaville Miles) 3
    sunrisenmelody (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    countrycruiser (Pavement Pounders) 2
    MorganEdge (Pavement Pounders) 3
    SpartanFan04 (Pavement Pounders) 1
    chrismerk99 (Phoenix Rising) 2
    Earthtokarmen1 (Phoenix Rising) 3
    Heds14 (Phoenix Rising) 3
    mjsmith1223 (Phoenix Rising) 1
    NJRunnerGurl (Phoenix Rising) 1
    Runningmomof2 (Phoenix Rising) 1
    cclarry (Sole Train) 3
    Jblackjr (Sole Train) 1
    mhutchins (Sole Train) 1
    Runny_babbit (Sole Train) 1
    superjaydee (Sole Train) 1
    WMLizard (Sole Train) 1
    lonestarchick (Triple Digits) 2
    MN_Newbie (Triple Digits) 1
    onirocdarb (Triple Digits) 2
    ynot2day (Triple Digits) 3


      Hi Sue.  You can take me off the IR now.  My miles will be low, but the ortho cleared me to run as long as my foot feels okay. Smile

      Do you even run?

      Susan,Queen of the Crocs

        HI, Kay.  I will take you off IR right after I run the summary tomorrow.  Good to have you back on the team!