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    Finally I get to run the Pocono Marathon. Between my schedule or my wife's schedule for races or the birth of our daughter, I have been prevented from running it since its creation. Teaching in Sburg, it has been a big goal to get here. Alas, this year it's a reality. My speedy coworker and I are in it. Living on the outskirts of the Hazleton Area, I run up and down plenty of hills on a regular basis. I know Pocono has got some serious downhills. Advice please...When I hit these downhills in the race, pick up the pace more than usual? I've heard the warnings at Steamtown about holding back on downhills. But at Boston, they talked about studies that have shown runners should pick up their pace on downhills. What should I do? Anyone have the map saved on RA? I've seen the map they provide, but would rather see it in RA format.
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      Aaron, I've never run Pocono before either, so I can't offer specific advice, although I usually tend to lower my arms and ride downhills faster than uphills. If the downhills are so steep that speeding up would just mean that I'd have to put on the brakes, I take them slower. Although this is pretty generic advice, I hope that others in here may have something more helpful. You're getting in some good hill training, and I think that will pay off regardless. My hometown is Lancaster, so I drive past Hazelton often. Are any of those trails running beside 81, just south of Hazelton, easy to get to and runnable? From the highway, they look pretty nice. Welcome to our little group!

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        I don't do trail runs. I stick to the roads, so I can't help you with that. Sorry. I just don't want to run out of gas from running much faster than my normal pace. But I also don't want to burn too much energy with braking on these hills.
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          I tend to go faster downhill just because I relax and go with it. If you use a HRM, it will give you a good idea on effort. If you run by effort, then you have to listen to your body. Even with the HRM I know that if my legs are burning, I need to slow it down a bit, but that could be just me. But I have only done Steamtown (3 times), this will be my first Pocono and Pocono is much steeper. I usually do NJ marathon this time of year. I did want to travel and add a new state to my marathon list this spring, but I got hit hard by the economy.

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