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2009 Dam Half & Dam Fool (Read 236 times)

    The Midd Penn Trailblazers have put together the 2009 Dam Half & Dam Fool! The Dam Half is a Half Marathon and the Dam Fool will be your Trail Martahon! The 1st Full Trail Marathon in PA. The race is scheduled for 19 September 2009 @ RB Winter State Park. There is no Race Day Registration MUST PRE REGISTER! Finisher Awards!! Door Prizes Exceptional Trail Race! Challenging!!! As I get more details I will post. In the meantime check out there site and some of there Trail Races!

    Get Runnin Slow Poke!!!

      Thanks for the half and full marathon info, and for the link to the club. On their schedule, I noticed that the Strip Mine 9 is not all that far from where I live. Also, I've met the RD, who I'm sure does an awesome job with it.

      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.