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Steamtown Recovery (Read 167 times)

    Well I told myself I would take 3 weeks off from running as some suggest before starting back after Steamtown.  That lasted until thursday when I biked 35mins and ran 1 mile.  Today, a nice slow 4 miles in the snizzle.  Just couldn't do it.  I know they say it's really supposed to be good for your overall running to take the time off but I just miss it too much.  I will refrain from racing for a while which I've not done in the past.  Maybe that's a good compromise.


      Taking 3 weeks off from running would be a BIG MISTAKE! BTDT.  Just take it nice and easy for the next couple weeks Smile

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        I waited until Thursday....did an easy 4.  6 on Friday and 12 today.  No leftover aches or pains, but the legs don't feel very sporty.

          I ran on Friday and today. Was feeling great today!


          I used to take 2 weeks off after a peak race but woudld always, always, always get shin splints when I return. This time I think I'll just reduce mileage for a few weeks but continue to run every other day or something.

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