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BaToNa Trail - thoughts on doing a NJ100 (Fat Ass Style) (Read 268 times)

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    So in my internet surfing last night I came across the BaToNa trail again.  It peaks my interest as a easy way to do a 100 mile race in NJ.  My thoughts are to do it in early 2010 as a self supported effort (Fat Ass style).

    Just a few notes for those that haven't been surfing for hours about 50 mile long NJ trails:
    BaToNa - Back To Nature Trail is in the NJ Pinelands
    It goes through 3 parks for a continuous trail of 49.5 miles.
    There are many cross streets and other places to leave aid or have a crew meet you to give aid.

    If you go and google Batona Trail you can find out a lot more details.

    I was looking at the last weekend of March.  Still cold enough the bugs shouldn't be an issue and the ground should be in good shape.  But it is far enough in the Spring that daylight won't be as much of an issue and it should be warmer.  Also that Monday is a Full Moon so hope fully I can run during the night with no headlamp and use the natural moonlight to guide me.

    My reason for posting here is to recruit people to join me.  This would be similar to the Viaduct 100 or the DE100 if you are familiar with those races.   Please respond on here if you have any interest.

      I'm interested!


      March 27-28 is the weekend of Palm Sunday and I'm Catholic, so it'll be a stretch convincing my family that I should go. However, I'll try to get there if you decide to go through with it.


      Just an FYI - I recently found out that the Philadelphia 100 (also a fatass), is planned for the next weekend (4/3 - 4/4). I definitely can't do that one, though, because it's Easter.


      If you e-mail Stan Jensen on and get it listed there, I'm sure you'll get more runners participating.


      Thanks, Rick, for letting us know!

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        How about after Boston????? Course I can't expect you guys to hold it off for me Sad  Sounds cool though!

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          My thinking on 4/3 4/4 was Easter as well and that was a no go.


          I picked the same weekend as Umstead figuring people that didn't get in there could still do this one.


          Hmm, hold off until after Boston, it might be to warm and then buggy.  I was really looking to do it in March.


          The course really allows you to run as much as you want.  So if you are only supposed to do a 22 miler or what ever that day you could still go out and do that then crew for some one else.  Or pace me at some pathetically slow pace.


          Also Carl with the course being the way it is you could just do a quality 50 or 60 and head home.


          Thanks for the thoughts.  I made this for people to see who is registered.  Batona 100


          Either of you doing DE this weekend?


          sent the note to Stan.  We'll see the type of response it gets.

            I will have to get back to you with a definite OK, but I really want to be there for the Botana 100.


            I'm running in Delaware this weekend. Charging up the batteries and shopping for Swedish fish, etc., today.

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              I got your email today.  You and Jessi K. maybe the first duo to do the three state Fat Ass 100 Series.  I expect full honest opinions and comparison of the three courses.


                Ha! I've gone to enough hashes to already know the answer to that one.


                However, I'm hoping that a winter of running in the snowy mud will be good training for a long run in the sandy bogs.


                Thanks again for organizing this one!

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                  I had no idea you hashed.  Who do you hash with?  How often?


                  We just had a hash last weekend in the Delaware Water Gap.  I would have told you had I known.

                    I've only gone once, with the Scranton group. It was way fun, but way too risky for getting compromising images of me put on the internet just in time for my kids to see!


                    I'll probably take it up again when they're out of the house.

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