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hey kyle (Read 280 times)

    kyle, do me a favor? look at my workouts for the past couple of weeks and tell me how they look to you. I'm looking for some feedback especially after my workout from the lake today (4-21-07)..
      Hey Rob, I'm not sure of your goals, but here is some general feedback. First the good: I can see that you are being smart with increasing your mileage at an acceptable rate. You also have the key long runs in there. For the most part, the longs runs are a good distance compared to your weekly mileage (should be around 20%). Some things I would change: I think your pacing needs to be adjusted. It is ok to have a tempo day in there, even in your base phase. However, your tempo pace and you long run pace should be quite different. What this leads me to think is either your tempo is too slow or your long run is too fast. You can do a lot of tests to be able to figure out what your tempo pace should be. Your long run should be about the same pace as your steady or easy days. These days should be done at the higher end of your aerobic capacity. Other than that it looks good. Keep increasing the mileage at about 10% per week. Don't get too caught up in the hard/esy way of thinking. During your building and base phases you really aren't doing much anearobic work, so most of your runs should be a similar pace. Let me know if you need anything else Smile