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    I've been doing approx. 50 miles/wk for the past 4 weeks. That's up from about 50 of running/hard biking per week with probably about 35 of that being running. I've been to 60 miles/wk before and 45-55 m/wk is a yearly avg. so this shouldn't be a big issue, most of this running is pretty easy for now (new 12 wk stage starting Monday which changes that). Now my problem. My right ham has been real bad, affects first 3-4 miles of a run, hills feel like I have to drag the leg up, etc. and on today's run both legs just plain hurt. I'm thinkin "dead legs", overtraining, etc. etc. BTW I'm 53 so maybe I'm just not cut out for this mileage? Did internet seaching and found something I knew but never paid any attention to. A 64 year old runner is complaining about hams that are killing him. Tries all the fixes (stretching, etc) - no help. He then starts taking 50gms of whey protien/day and in 2 wks no issues. You need 0.9 gms protien/pound, for me that's about 120 gms/day. I'm lucky if I get half that. Wow. Wonder if that's it? Off the store for some whey powder (I'm not going to chow down on more steaks). More to follow. Thought? ed
      More research and I now think I'm suffering from two things. Low carbs (tried to loose some wgt. this week and cut way back on evening goodies). Dropped 5-7 pounds during the week (some water I'm sure). The low carbs probably set the leg muscles off during my long run yesterday - near total glycogen depletion. The hamstring problem is probably a chronic muscle tear. Noakes educated me on this and his book hit my symptoms to a Tee. Only relief (according to Noakes) is cross friction massage of the muscle knot. I've tried sitting on a tennis ball and that's working so I'll keep that up and start looking for someone who can do the massage. Any references? ed
        Talk to Nancy Werthmuller (sp?). She knows her stuff and isn't that expensive. You have to eat right inculding vitamins, minerals, protiens, fats, and carbs if you are giong to run this much. You can't cut anything out. There is a famous saying, if the fire is hot enough, it will burn anything. If you need contact info for Nancy let me know. SHe is awesome!
          Kyle: Your so right about the nutition. After adding up the gms of stuff I was eating I was shocked how little protien I was eating (fat also for that matter). I wonder if this was/is affecting how my workouts are or aren't helping me. I called Lane Chiropractic in Tunkhannock who used to have a massage therapist but no longer do. They gave the phone number of a "Nancy" who they said used to work with them and was very good and worked out of her home now. Could this be the same Nancy as your Nancy W.? Guess I'll call the number I have and find out. Thanks for the help. More to follow. Ed
            Could be. Nancy W's # is 570-342-2631. Be sure to tell her I sent you, she'll get a kick out of that. She is always busting on me about what I eat. I'm definitly not a model of good nutrition! Just because I know what to do doesn't mean I always do it.