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Good to be back (Read 322 times)

    It's good to be back running! Today I was able to run just after donating blood. I know, that's not advisable, but they didn't make me sign anything saying I wouldn't. I kept the pace easy and did minimal distance, so no problems; ran in jeans because I needed to be getting back to the work desk soon. I love this time of year at Lake Scranton. The streams, swollen with snowmelt, are all rushing swift and somehow make running seem more effortless. Tonight, my family and I are driving to my home town of Lancaster to visit my youngest sister, her family, and her new baby girl. I'll log runs done down there (planning early morning ones) next week.

    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

      Lancaster huh...My wife is from down there. She was raised in Terre Hill (just a little northeast of lancaster city), so I spend quite a bit of time down in that area. We were there last weekend. It's a beautiful place to run...where else do you get a chance to race a buggy?? :-)
        It's great to see so many names up on the Stats Board. 4 More Days and the Carmello Bar is MINE, MINE, MINE. I have to agree the weather is much more pleasurable to get up to and deal with. I was also in the Strausburg Area at the end of February. My husband and I stayed at the Netherland's Inn & Spa for the weekend and went to the Kitchen Kettle Village. There is so much stuff to do and see in Lancaster. It really is a beautiful area; I'm sure you will really enjoy your runs. We're going to visit Thomas the Tank Engine at the Strausburg Railroad in June with our sons- the oldest of course will not be to thrilled but our youngest is estatic. Have a great time this weekend!
          Enjoy that Carmello deserve it! I haven't been to the tourist section of lancaster county in a while. They have some pretty cool stuff over there. When I get time I'll probably pop over there with my wife and look around again.
            Its a great place if you love homemade food and homemade things for your house. I have a lot of homemade tables that my grandfather made, quilts and items my gram and mom made added with a little country charm going throughout my home and there are so many shops in Lancaster that you can get ideas from or pick up little homemade knick knacks from and if you grew up on the homemade canned food- yum!!! My husband found Spicy Salsa in Kitchen Kettle Village in the jarring kitchen; he the kids and I loved it. Its fun to look at the homemade quilts to- they are like pieces of artwork. The keyword is to look at. I found one I liked and the cost was $3500- YIKES!!! Shocked That obviously didn't come home with me.

              My BP is so low every time I give blood I either pass out or just about pass out. Got my second, or maybe third Undecided, concussion that way...
                Speaking of 'good to be back' it certainly is. I injured my foot at the Broad street run. I dont know what it was but at about mile 8 it started to hurt and then after the race a huge knot swelled up in the arch of my left foot. I didnt run for two weeks just walked and biked and then ran the valley great 8. I made it through the race but my foot swelled up again so 2 more weeks of biking only. Finally this week I have been able to do 2 good training runs in a row and my foot is showing no ill effects. I'm keepin my fingers crossed. But I was starting to get depressed without being able to run. Biking is OK but its not the same. What a joy to get out and strech the legs a little. I needed that runners high, I've been jones'n for a good buzz. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on! Big grin
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                  I hear ya! Injuries drive me (not to mention my wife Evil grin ) nuts! I was out for 5 weeks last fall with a cyst on my ankle bone. I don't function right when I'm not running.